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Jordan Hay is a student with interests in programming, web development, computers, maths, engineering, and science.


  • NCEA Level 2 endorsed with Excellence
    • Level 2 Maths endorsed with Merit
    • Level 2 Physics endorsed with Merit
    • Level 2 English endorsed with Merit
    • Level 2 Digital Technology endorsed with Merit
    • Level 2 Chemistry endorsed with Merit
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  • NCEA Level 1 endorsed with Excellence
    • Level 1 Science endorsed with Excellence
    • Level 1 Digital Technology endorsed with Excellence
    • Level 1 Mathematics endorsed with Merit
    • Level 1 English endorsed with Merit
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  • Mountainview High School Head Boy 2020
  • Mountainview High School Top Scholar
    • Year 12 Top Scholar 2019
    • Year 11 Top Scholar 2018
    • Year 10 Top Scholar 2017
    • Year 9 Top Scholar 2016
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Ashley Communications

Ashley Communications is a local company that I built and designed the website of. You can find it here.

Timaru Trails

Timaru Trails is project to map the tracks and trails in Timaru and South Canterbury and make them easily available for anyone looking to go for a walk. You can find it here.

Cleave Hay

The first website Jordan made working with a client.

This website has some unfinished parts as the client decided that they no longer required the website.
You can find the website here, and its source code here.
This website was built with Bootstrapped HTML and CSS.

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Jordan has made the occasional logo for clients. Above is an example of his work, you can view the full image here.

Timaru Makerspace

A project to create a makerspace/public workshop in Timaru to help people of all ages and backgrounds get access to tools and to create an environment where people can come to learn and share about their interests/hobbies.

Timaru Library has shown interest in the project and is considering hosting a makerspace after its renovation. Unfortunately setbacks in the renovation of the library means that this will not be happening in the near future.

For more information on makerspaces and what they are see here.

Side Note: Jordan's logo was originally intended for use as the logo of the makerspace.

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tOpTIMAL Coaching

A website Jordan recently made for a client. You can find it here.



Experimental settings/modes/features.


Version history for the site. Please note that some of the linked old versions may not work as intended.

Version 1

2017/10/30 to ~2017/12/11

The original version of my website. We've come a long way from here. This website did however have a cool feature that if you did the Konami Code while on it, it would take you to a secret page. You can find the full site here.

Version 2

~2017/12/11 to 2018/01/20

Very similar to the original site, had some updates but I'm not sure it warranted its own version, apparently past me did. You can find the full site here.

Version 3

2018/01/20 to 2018/04/18

A slightly more modern look. Sadly when the konami code feature was lost, maybe I'll bring that back one day. You can find the full site here.

Version 4

2018/04/18 to 2018/07/16

The first of version of my website to use Bootstrap. Pretty similar to version 3, other than that there's not really much to say. You can find the full site here.

Version 5

2018/07/16 to 2018/09/29

A similar take to version 4, more of a blue accent this time however. You can find the full site here.

Version 6

2018/09/29 to ??

Still Bootstrapped but a different aesthetic, with a picture of me looking quite depressed, I can't seem to figure out when this version was swapped out for what is now known as version 7. You can find the full site here.

Version 7

?? to 2019/12/13

Basically the same as version 6, just without me looking so depressed, also the introduction of the first version of my current logo, and the first use of my own CSS media queries, rather than using the ones included with Bootstrap. You can find the full site here.

Version 8

2019/12/13 Onwards

The current site, in the spirit of the old Konami Code easter egg from versions 1 and 2, press the letter "B" on your keyboard.

Considering that picture of me holding the camera is at least a year old now I really should update it.

© Jordan Hay